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I'm Michael and this is my virtual design studio with the goal to produce cost effective, high quality communication products and art.

Food and design. That's what I always loved. And that's why I became a Chef and a Media Designer.

My professional journey started in Asia. I accompanied a restaurant opening in Taiwan — responsible for the concept, interior design, advertising, promotion, menu and the kitchen.

Back in Germany I focused on the design and advertising part. Over the years I worked in different digital and advertising agencies in Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg as Art and Creative Director, such as argonauten G2 (later Grey Digital), Grey Germany and fischerAppelt, advertising.

I worked for brands like P&G (febreze, Bold), Telekom, Deichmann, GlaxoSmithKline (Odol), Colgate Palmolive (Colgate, DanKlorix), Lanxess, ARD, PrinceWaterhouseCoopers, Toshiba and many more and created all kinds of work for them, from TV ads, print ads, digital, social and content marketing to complete 360° campaigns.

Now I work as a freelance creative and my first cookbook is in the making.

  • Concept

    A website, an app, an event, a presentation, a flyer, a restaurant or a youtube show?
    If you need someone to help you with concepting something, let's talk.

  • Design

    Offering many years of experience in designing all kinds of communication assets for digital, print, advertising, film and content for various social media platforms.

  • Video

    From developing a film idea, a script, a storyboard, to filming, directing and cutting. This is the right place for creating a film that suits your and your audiences needs.

  • Photo

    Book the production of all kinds of motifs. From people to food, nature and architecture, indoor and outdoor. Individiual visuals will help you to stand out more.

  • Sound

    Wheather it's finding the right track for your film or advertisement or to create a soundscape, jingle or tune. To make communication complete, sound is a key factor.

  • Campaign

    Bringing all this toghether, can result in a great ad campaign for your company. 15+ years of experience in classical and digital advertising, lead to effective communication.

  • Client: attı. feat. Louisa Fidan

    Karōshi (過労死), which can be translated literally as "overwork death" in Japanese, is occupational sudden mortality. Enjoy!

  • Client: attı.

    Shot in Sankt Peter-Ording but looks like from another planet. How we got these special pics of loneliness? It was very cold.

  • Client: Colgate Palmolive
    Agency: fischerAppelt, advertising

    Character design: Meet Dan, THE man when it comes to cleaning. Developed literally from scratch. And then suddenly, this little fella was all alive.

  • Client: Lanxess
    Agency: fischerAppelt, advertising

    After a few weeks in a pitch we convinced the client with our interpretation and design of the topic »Quality« which was given to us in the brief.

    Quality Works. This international 360°campaign is one of my favortie works of the last years. Not only because it got produced almost identically, as it was presented in the pitch with its minimalstic design, no – also because we produced pieces for almost every media – like print, website, blog, social media and film.

  • Client: Telekom
    Agency: fischerAppelt, advertising

    Another big pitch. This time the task to was to make Telekom the company to think of when it comes to digitalisation.

    This is the official TV commercial:

    And that a sadly never published spin-off:

  • Client: Procter & Gamble
    Agency: Grey Germany

    What a legendary shooting: working with the legend Sepp Maier for timeless P&G brands like Ariel and Gilette.


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